“Best Shave Ever” Essentials

Here in Massachusetts, we’re getting a glimpse of summer wleg-shaving-season-in-is-back-and-im-not-mentally-prepared-for-the-amount-of-effort-this-task-takes-60784eather after a long and snowy winter.  We’ve hit record highs this week with temperatures in the 80s!  I don’t know about you, but I am welcoming the warm weather!

Despite all the awesomeness that comes along with summer (sunny days, sitting poolside, trips to the beach–and this teacher gets to RELAX!) there are still some unpleasant tasks that could put a damper on these fun summer activities….

…like SHAVING!

Getting “bathing suit ready” doesn’t always mean hitting the gym and working out.  Razor burn/bumps, irritation, dry skin, the prickles–these are just some of the annoying parts of preparing for a day in yourBest Shave of your life combo! swimsuit.

Thankfully, Pure Haven Essentials has a remedy for these problems.  Three of my favorite products will give you a super close shave and the softest skin you’ve ever felt without the razor burn or irritation (I’m talking to you, bikini line!).

I use the Shower Gel to wash up and as a “shaving cream” followed by the Lemon Sugar Scrub to exfoliate my legs.  Finally, I use the Dream Cream to hydrate.

Following these three steps I have had minimal razor burn, super soft skin, and less itchiness after shaving.  The citrus essential oils in each of these products will bring you right into summer mode!

These are must-haves for this summer!

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