Toxic Free Laundry



If I had to pick my favorite household chore, it would be doing laundry.

You probably think I am crazy!  Some of the best heart-to-heart conversations have been with a pile of laundry between us.  There is something calming and symbolic about the whole process:  sorting out each item into categories, washing away the piece’s last wear, folding them neatly, and putting them away for next time.  I’ve just always felt this way.

Laundry-4.17 (1).jpgWhen Pure Haven Essentials announced their laundry detergent earlier this month, I ordered it that same day!  Finding the best fit for laundry detergent has been a struggle for myself and other family members with sensitive skin–this is the solution!

PHE Laundry detergent is free from fragrance, dyes, synthetics, sulfates and harsh chemicals.  It is safe for high efficiency washing machines. 64 loads per package.

But what about those pesky dryer sheets?  Some people just can’t let go of them–I know

Dryer balls shown with my PHE Essential Oils set.  This set is valued at $329.  Contact me to find out how you can get it for only $69.95!

because my fiance, Josh, was one of those people!  Well, he didn’t let go until I ordered wool dryer balls and threw the dryer sheets out.  These have been a staple in our laundry room for about a month and what a difference!  We don’t have anymore toxic dryer sheets hanging around stinking up our clothes.  If we really want a scent in our laundry, we just add a few drops of essential oils to a ball or two and throw them in.  My personal favorite is the Be Well Pure Haven Essentials essential oil blend, but I’ve also been known to throw in some drops of lavender essential oil with our bedding.

You may not love doing laundry as much as I do, but wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about the toxins lurking in your laundry?

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Toxic FRee Laundry.png
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