Clearing Clutter with PHE Cleaning Products

Open your cabinet under your sink in the kitchen. Can you find anything?  Do you have any space left?

Now maybe you have a cabinet in the bathroom–you know, the one for the bathroom cleaners.  These are specifically for bathroom cleaning products–which don’t clean anything like the ones in the kitchen, right?  Are you sensing my tone?

Somewhere along the way we got caught up in the hype that we need different cleaners for different rooms of the house.

If you’re a regular here at Chrissy Lives Toxic Free, you know I focus on toxic-free ingredients (and if you’re new–start here!).  We shouldn’t get a headache from the toxins and chemicals in our cleaning products.  But I also believe living toxic free isn’t just about ingredients.  It is also about the mental clarity of being organized and free of clutter.

What would you say if I told you just four of our Pure Haven Essentials Cleaning products would clean your whole house?

Think of the possibilities!

  • Free up storage space—  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need extra storage space!  What could you put under the sink in place of the cleaning products you are eliminating?
  • Save money— You don’t need a sink cleaner, a toilet cleaner, a shower and tub cleaner, and a special dish soap for pots and pans.  In fact, what if I told you I use the same Pure Haven Essentials product for all of these items?
  • Healthy Home–Safe for kiddos, pets–anyone living in your home!  You can breathe easier (literally and figuratively) knowing that you don’t have to come out for oxygen after cleaning your home.


If you would like to learn more, I have created a FREE Chrissy Lives Toxic Free Cleaning Guide for you to download for your healthy toxic free home!

In the guide you will receive helpful tips and tricks to use Pure Haven Essentials cleaning products in every room of your house.

Click the graphic below to receive your Chrissy Lives Toxic Free Cleaning Guide!


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