A Life Changing Business


I can change the world.

It’s just something I’ve always believed.  I’ve just always known that I have a greater purpose of making a difference and helping others reach their fullest potential.  That’s why I became a teacher and a coach.

Teaching and coaching fulfills my passion for helping others.  Unfortunately, a career in teaching doesn’t always lead to financial success.  I still needed a way to supplement my income to pay off student debt and even out the financial burden in our household.

I am so grateful I was offered the opportunity to join Pure Haven.  It has changed my life!

After becoming a consultant mid-January 2017, my life has transformed:

  • Achieving top 5 in sales for our team every month since joining.  I just love setting goals and reaching them!
  • Earning extra income and play money–something my teacher’s salary alone could not provide
  • Joining a team of positive, like-minded consultants with a passion for making a difference
  • Promoting to Ambassador in less than six months and coaching my own team of toxic free warriors to reach their goals
  • Providing freedom to work wherever I want, whenever I want–hello, Old Orchard Beach this summer!
  • Connecting with friends and families and changing lives through our toxic free products
  • Having fun!  I look forward to the hours I put into my business.  I love reaching out to more people everyday through my business.

I get to change the world with Pure Haven Essentials and in return it has changed my life.

I am confident it can change your life too.

Click here to learn more about joining my team


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