Shampoo & Conditioner: My First Loves

You never forget your first love.  Especially when it changes your life.

I will always remember the day I fell in love with Pure Haven Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner.


Okay, sure.  You laugh.  But all of my customers know that the Shampoo and Conditioner were the two products that made me change my entire home and personal care products to Pure Haven Essentials.

why-phe-shampoo-4547.jpgWhen it comes to my hair, I like to keep it simple.  I don’t fuss over it too much.  I usually wear it down and don’t use a lot of styling products (until now!).  My hair is super thick and I like how full and wavy it gets in the humid summer months.  Outside of summer,  it wasn’t always that easy to achieve.  I had to wash it every day because it would look greasy.  Then it would dry out my scalp and it would itch.  It would fall flat and dull.  I would try and make it happen with product, but it just made it worse!  I gave up.  Instead, I longed for summer every season so my hair would come back.

When I switched to Pure Haven Essentials shampoo, I immediately noticed a difference.

  • softer hair
  • longer time between trims
  • less/reversed damage
  • more volume
  • dries faster

You find results for all hair types!

I had tried other natural shampoos before this and I just didn’t have desired results.  Other natural shampoos I had used I had to use so much product just to clean my head.  My money was going down the drain with the shampoo!

Now that we own all Pure Haven Essentials products, I have expanded to our other hair styling products and I am just as impressed.  I have received so many compliments for my hair, or “my lion’s mane.”  So you can understand why I’m so in love with Pure Haven Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner!

Our Shampoo and Conditioner is also available in our Essentials Bundle No. 8, a starter bundle of our top 8 best sellers.  It is so easy to see how these two items are customer favorites!

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