Team Member Shoutout: Julie L.

Meet Julie

Julie and I met our freshman year of high school.  I had just completed 10 years in a small Catholic school and moved on to a large public high school.  I didn’t know many people and I was still navigating my way through a new setting.

When I first met Julie, she immediately was the first person to give me a hug.  Even though I was still questioning whether hugging was allowed in school (haha!), her welcoming attitude gave me a sigh of relief to an overwhelming transition.  I will never forget that day.  This just shows you the kind of person she is.  Even with miles between us and all the hurdles that growing up has laid in front of us, we have remained close.

It was kind of a no-brainer to invite her to join my team.  As a former high school and college athlete, Julie knows how to set goals and knock them out of the park.  She may be competitive, but she never loses her heart.  Her big heart guides her life to serving others–especially when she is helping and treating animals.  She is a veterinary technician in Vermont.

Her heart is also her strength when it comes to her business.  She is helping families live toxic free throughout Vermont, Massachusetts, and other states across the country.  She gains power bonuses and brings a valuable energy to the team.  She is already leading sales for our team and as she puts it, “I haven’t even gotten started yet.”

…now what if I told you she only started earlier this month?

The best part?  Julie gets to achieve this success all while sharing our mission to put toxic free products in every home.  Her business has purpose and she can feel good about sharing these amazing products with her family and others.

Your Heart.  Your Story.  YOUR Business.

The most important part of this business is YOU.

When you share your story and your heart, you are successful.  Our company needs people exactly like you to spread the message.  Is there a better feeling than being your authentic self and helping others in the process?  I don’t think so. 

You will be supported by a team of people and meet so many others with the same mission.  You will gain a supportive network cheering you and your business on.  Julie and I will be your biggest support and cheerleaders!

This business changes lives.  Yours should be included.


Are you ready to start changing lives?

Tell me more!

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