Father’s Day 2017 Essentials

My Dad & I at my brother’s wedding April 2015.  Photo courtesy of GKWAN Photography


If you think Pure Haven Essentials is just for ladies, THINK AGAIN!

I am super proud of this company to make toxic free products for both men and women.  EVERYONE can live toxic free!

Dads, we want you around for a long time.  We want to make sure you’re using products that will keep you healthy and happy so you’re around for the special moments.  Pure Haven Essentials has an assortment of toxic free men’s products that are perfect gifts for Father’s Day.

Shave Gel

Shave Gel is this month’s customer special.  Purchases of $95 or more receive a free shave gel in their order (excluding the Essentials Bundles No. 8 and No. 5 )
Our non-foaming shave gel is enriched with natural oils that soften hair and allow for a clean shave.  All of them have reported less razor burn and irritation.  The razor slides over their face smoothly without pulling like other shave gels.  My father, my stepfather, my brother, my fiance and many other male customers love this shave gel! They are always reordering more.  Shave Gel is one of our top sellers, which is why it is also featured in our Essentials Bundle No. 8.

Aftershave and Moisturizer

Massage a small amount on freshly shaved skin to help prevent razor burn. Provides soothing, nourishing and healing benefits. Use between shaves as general moisturizer for face and neck.

Beard Balm

If the men in your life are not the clean-shaven type, this Beard Balm is for them!  Our Beard Balm offers excellent, all-natural facial hair conditioning. Delivers nutrients and vitamins that deeply nourish your facial hair and promote growth. Helps condition skin to prevent beard inflammation & itch. Perfect for all skin types.

Bar Soap — Original, Lavender, or Peppermint

Gentle enough to use on the little ones, yet strong enough for the adults in the house.  Our bar soap will quickly become a household favorite!  Our bar soap is available in unscented, lavender, and peppermint.  Each item comes in a set of three so he can have one for home, one for the gym, or one for travel.  Give Dad this bar soap and a nice soap dish because you will not want to waste any of it’s goodness!

Placing an order this month also enters you in the Chrissy Lives Toxic Free June Giveaway

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